Protect Your Phone from the Water

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Modern smartphone models have several openings in which water can find its way into the operating system. These opening include the charging port, headphone jack, microphone, and speaker. It isn’t difficult for water to get into these crevices and even a few drops of water can cause problems. Your phone may start to get glitchy or slow down when water gets into the system. If a couple of drops can cause phone issues then you can imagine full submersion spells disaster for a smartphone. That is why having the Aqua Case to protect your device is so important.

Different Liquid Types Cause Different Issues 

Not all water damage scenarios are the same. Depending on the PH of the water, different liquids create damage more easily than others.  The pH balance of fluids is the measurement of how acidic or basic a substance is. A number less than 7 is an acid and more than 7 is a basic or alkaline. Either end of the scale is not desired for a phone. Depending on what is in the water, it can change its PH and affect your phone in different ways.

  1. Pool Water
    Pool water has chlorine added to keep the water free of bacteria, but chlorine will erode the rubber gaskets that protect your device. These gaskets protect your phone from damage so when they are eroded even from a few drops of chlorinated water, it will make your phone more susceptible to damage down the road.
  1. Saltwater

Saltwater is the worst type of liquid to get into your smartphone. This is because it corrodes the electronics quickly once it gets inside the device because as the salt oxidizes against it rusts against the metal. This will happen pretty quickly after initial exposure. This is why you should never go to the beach without having your phone protected.

  1. Freshwater

Even though there are no chemicals in freshwater, it can still build up in the device and short circuit it. That is when you will start noticing the glitches in the phone.

How to Tell if Your Phone is Water Damaged 

We have all had a water-damaged phone and have noticed impairments in the device which are at times only short term and other times permanent. When your phone is exposed to water, the internal parts that store memory and allow the phone to carry out essential functions will stop working properly. Different parts will be affected including the integrated circuits, capacitors, and resistors. All of these are embedded on the printed circuit board. These mechanics have intricate and tiny pieces that fit together to keep your phone functioning properly.

There are several warning signs that your phone is water-damaged. The sound coming from the speaker may be distorted or static sounding, or the phone won’t connect to the charger, lastly, the display screen won’t work or it is distorted. When a phone is severely damaged it may not even turn on. These issues range from inconveniences to emergencies. We have so much data on our phones and it is the only way we can get a hold of anyone, so being without the device for even a day can be problematic.

Water damage is a serious issue that can cause instant damage to your device. To prevent water damage you need a high quality case that not only keeps the water out, but also floats on top of the water. Aqua Case provides both of these features for an inexpensive price. Our cases start at $19.99 and come in a variety of colors. Don’t let yourself be the next victim to a phone falling into the water. Visit our website and be proactive about protecting it!

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