Waterproof Phone or Waterproof Case?

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There is no argument you need water protection for your phone. These devices are now expensive and we all have dropped our phone in the lake, a toilet, or a pool at least once in our life.  Over the last few years, a lot of waterproof smartphones have been released. This leads to the question, is your money better spent on a waterproof phone or a waterproof case for your phone? We are going to break it down for you in this article.

How Waterproof is a Waterproof Smartphone?

When a company says they have a waterproof phone, you need to understand what they mean by waterproof. A company waterproofs their phone by putting a waterproof coating on the outside. While this is great for minor water exposure, it doesn’t offer much protection for actual submersion. This is because the longer and deeper you take a phone underwater, the higher the pressure the device has to endure. The waterproof coating provided on the waterproof phone can only withstand so much pressure. Once the pressure becomes too great the water will seep into the phone, which will ruin it. This doesn’t take long or much pressure at all.

For example, a waterproof phone can stand getting wet in the rain. The coating will protect it from that. It also should be okay if dropped into a toilet or another very shallow water area like a puddle. That is because both of these have very shallow water and you will quickly remove it from the water. However, where these phones fall short is that normally when you ruin your phone due to water, it has been submerged for a long time or dropped into a pool or lake where it isn’t shallow. That pressure from the deeper water and the full submersion for more than a few seconds would be too much for simply a waterproof coating to withstand.

The Case For a Case

A waterproof case from Aqua Case will win this debate every time.  Our waterproof cases are the perfect solution to prevent water damage and far exceed a waterproof coating offered by some phone manufacturers. This is because our cases are not only waterproof, but they also float. The case’s ability to float makes it so no matter how deep a body of water is that your drop your phone into, the pressure isn’t an issue like it is with a waterproof case, because it keeps the device at the top of the water. This also makes it easier to find, especially in a murky body of water like a lake.

If you use our Aqua Case, not only do you not need to be afraid of large bodies of water, but you can freely take pictures in the pool, throw your phone in the boat on the lake, and also get the protection of a normal case because our cases are also shockproof. So the argument is settled, ditch the waterproof phone and instead opt for a less expensive and more effective alternative. Check out our selection of cases today!


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