What to do if Your Phone Falls Into Water

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Our phones connect us to the world. They hold our pictures, business information, and are the only way we can be reached by our friends and our work. So, if you’ve ever dropped your phone in the water you know the panic this can cause. In this article, we are going to go over what to do if you drop your phone in water and also how to prevent this from happening in the first place. 

Step One Power Your Phone Down: 

The most important thing to do to salvage a phone that has water in it is to dry it off as quickly as possible, turn the power off, and don’t turn it back on under any circumstances. If you can open up your device and remove the battery, do this and dry the inside, too. You want to keep the phone off because running an electrical charge through any wet electrical circuit is bound to cause short-circuiting. Wetting an “off” circuit charge is nowhere near as bad as wetting an active one. If you can dry out your phone before switching it back on, then you may find that there is no damage at all or, more likely, that it still works but has gained a few annoying glitches. 

How to Dry Out a Wet Phone 

As stated previously, you want to make sure the inside of your phone is totally dry before you try to turn it back on. Rubbing alcohol is a great option. Alcohol dries out water, so it can be a lifesaver if a few drops are poured into where the water entered or if you have a button that is stuck. 

If the phone has been submerged in water or water has entered multiple places on the phone then dried rice is a better option. First, find a container with a lid and fill it with dry rice. Completely bury your phone in the rice. Make sure it’s totally covered on every side, then place it in a well-lit area like under a warm lamp. The heat from the lamp will start the evaporation process. The dry rice will absorb the moisture within the phone and the heat will accelerate the process. You want to dry out your phone for a minimum of twenty-four hours, but it can take up to three days. 


Water damage is a serious issue that can ruin your day and create a stressful situation. Prevention is much easier than trying to fix a phone that is already wet. To prevent water damage you need a high-quality case that not only keeps the water out but also floats on top of the water. Aqua Case provides both of these features for an inexpensive price. Our cases start at $19.99 and come in a variety of colors. Don’t let yourself be the next victim to a phone falling into the water. Visit our website and be proactive about protecting it!

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